Home Technology News Aldi sells Nintendo Switch – to strike or not?

Aldi sells Nintendo Switch – to strike or not?

Aldi sells Nintendo Switch - to strike or not

The Nintendo Switch is currently the most popular mobile console. Starting today, Thursday, the discounter Aldi has the device back in its assortment. Why the offer is not necessarily a bargain.

With the Switch console, Nintendo has landed a huge hit in the gaming community. The company has already sold around 85 million units since its launch in 2017 – and the run seems unbroken. It is therefore not surprising that the versatile gaming device is not yet available at a significantly lower price than at launch.

In 2017, Nintendo charged 329 Euros for the console – and today, four years later, it hardly costs less. Currently, a favorable price is usually around 300 euros, and not infrequently a bit above that.

Two potential disappointments are in the offer
So it certainly sounds exciting that the discounter Aldi is now selling the Nintendo Switch in its stores. But this news contains two potential disappointments.

The first is that only Aldi Süd currently has the console on sale, while Aldi Nord does not have a corresponding offer at the moment. So, if you live in the wrong part of the country, you won’t even get to see the Switch at Aldi today.

The second disappointment is the discount: It is only very moderate: Aldi charges 289 Euros for the console – just ten Euros less than the numerous 299-Euro offers. And Aldi only offers the gray version of the console. The more colorful version with a pink and turquoise controller is not available.

Conclusion: Only buy with caution – it might be worth waiting.
Nevertheless: If you have been thinking about buying a Switch for a long time, this is of course a good opportunity to do so. Nevertheless, you should not buy blindly, but think about it beforehand. If you really want to save money and can do without detaching the JoyCons from the console, you can buy the Switch Lite, which is cheaper anyway – it is partly available for 180 Euros.

If you do not necessarily want the gray Switch, it is also worth visiting Amazon: The retailer has directly lowered the price for the more colorful version to 288 Euros in response to the Aldi offer. However, it is not predictable how long this price will be valid.

However, it should be considered that the renewed Switch with OLED display has already been on the market for a few weeks. The availability is limited, though, and the prices are currently mostly between 400 and 450 Euros accordingly – thus, significantly higher than the starting price of 360 Euros.

Those who can and want to afford the surcharge should consider buying the much better equipped new edition. You can read all details about the Switch OLED here.
At least – the price of the old Switch has not dropped noticeably with the launch of the Switch OLED, which is probably due to the generally difficult supply situation at the moment. Here we can at least say: The offer at Aldi is not really bad either – and considering the increasingly longer delivery times of almost all consumer electronics, it is at least a safe option for a Christmas present.

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