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Key misplaced? A key finder saves time and nerves

Key misplaced? A key finder saves time and nerves

Keys and wallets are among the things that are often misplaced at home or forgotten in the car. With a key finder, you no longer have to search long in such a case. The little helpers are attached to the key ring and make sounds when you look for them.

With these five key finders, also called key trackers, you can quickly find your bunch of keys again. The trackers work very differently. Some rely on acoustic signals, others work via an included app. One key finder can even be stored in your wallet if you tend to misplace your purse.

If you’ve misplaced your key, Vodeson’s key finder set can make your search much easier. The set consists of two transmitters that buyers can attach to two keychains or other items. Power is supplied to the two transmitters via the included batteries. The manufacturer does not specify how long a battery charge will last. The battery life ultimately depends on the frequency of use. Shortly before the battery is completely empty, however, the transmitter signals with a quiet beep.

If you are now looking for your key, you only have to press the respective button on the small remote control and the transmitter beeps. The manufacturer promises that the radio signal can also penetrate couch cushions or even walls. At 75 to 80 decibels, the signal tone is loud enough in any case.

Finds keys and cell phone: musegear key finder

The key finder from German manufacturer musegear works with the appropriate smartphone app via Bluetooth. Therefore, you do not need a remote control. To locate the finder, it must be within range of the smartphone. As soon as the connection via Bluetooth between the cell phone and the key fob breaks down, the cell phone beeps, signaling that you have forgotten your key.

In addition, the app remembers the last location of the fob. So you can see in the app on a map exactly where the key was last. The finder also works the other way around and finds the phone. If you press the button of the key finder, the cell phone rings when it is within range.

Test winner for Android devices: Tile Pro

Like other keyfinders, the Tile Pro also emits an acoustic signal when it is searched for. However, it also has a few smart functions on board. The acoustic signal is not triggered via a remote control, but via an app. The key finder connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and the app displays the last position where the key was still connected to the smartphone.

If you have lost the key outside your own four walls, the Tile community will also help you. Once reported as lost, the key finder connects unnoticed to the smartphone of other Tile users who happen to be walking by. This happens only in the background, the users do not notice anything. The position of your key is automatically forwarded to Tile and you are notified where your key is. This is then also the other side of the coin: you have to be willing to permanently share the location of your Tile with the provider.

However, the Tile Pro key finder is not only smart, but also very chic and robust – the small device is dust and water resistant according to IP68 certification. So it won’t take any damage even if you lose your key outside in the rain.

For the wallet: Tile Slim

The manufacturer Tile has also developed a tracker specifically for wallets. Buyers of conventional key finders can also put them in their wallets. However, particularly slim wallets bulge in this way. The square Tile Slim, on the other hand, is only as thin as two credit cards stacked on top of each other. The Tile Slim also comes with a community function.

Compared to the other key finder models, the Slim variant is not only significantly more expensive. Because of the slim design, Tile had to develop its own battery. When this runs out after about a year, customers have to replace the entire device. The manufacturer offers the “reTile” program for this. Customers can save up to 40 percent on the original purchase price.

For Apple users: AirTag

Apple’s AirTags also work via app and are a good choice for iPhone users. The small trackers are seamlessly integrated into the Apple ecosystem and are especially practical with current iPhones. The U1 chip from the iPhone 11 onwards finds the AirTags to the centimeter and shows an arrow on the display. In addition, you can play a sound. The AirTag is about the size of a 2-euro coin and has a button cell that you can change.

With the matching tags you attach the tracker to your keychain or backpack. If the AirTag gets lost, set it to “lost mode.” Then any iPhone nearby will help locate the lost item. This works like Tile’s competitors, but with many more devices.

If an iPhone comes near a lost AirTag, an anonymous signal is sent to let the owner know where it is. You can also set a message that an honest finder can display on their iPhone or Android device.

Conclusion on key finders: Which model is the best?
If you own an iPhone, the AirTag is the best choice because Apple takes advantage of its ecosystem. Starting with the iPhone 11, you can find the tracker to the centimeter.

Android users reach for the Tile followers, which are also available in significantly more variants, for example, also for the wallet.

If you do not want to use a smartphone to find the key, the price tip from Vodeson is a good choice.

Things to know about key finders

How does a key finder work?
Key finders work differently depending on their design and features. Inexpensive entry-level models are controlled by the user via a remote control. The transmitter on the key ring beeps loudly and sometimes also lights up. Modern devices are controlled via app. This has the advantage that users do not always have to take the remote control with them. For example, several family members can access a finder.

Why do I need a key finder?
Everyone has lost their keys or wallet at some point – young or old. Users of key finders find their belongings much faster. The annoying tedious search is a thing of the past. Especially if you lose your key on the road and have no clue how to look for it, you can simply walk down the path and let the key “ring”.

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