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PS5: How to get one before Christmas

PS5: How to get one before Christmas

Getting a Playstation 5 is almost impossible at the moment. A lot of patience and luck are needed to still get hold of a PS5 console. We reveal the possibilities here.

The Playstation 5 (PS5) celebrated its European launch on November 19, 2020. The console has been on the market for just under a year now and is theoretically available. Theoretically because not everyone who would like to have a PS5 already has it at home next to the TV.

Quite the opposite: Because of the ongoing chip shortage and unforeseeable delivery problems – like the Ever Given accident in the Suez Canal – it is pure luck when and if you can get hold of a console or if you go away empty-handed.

Intermediaries and consumer electronics stores like Media Markt and Saturn only get small quotas for their online stores. The so-called drops, i.e. online sales promotions where a certain number of consoles are available, take place on unspecified days and are almost never announced beforehand.

If there is a drop, you are already faced with the next problem. You usually only have a few minutes to place an order. This means that if you are not in front of the computer in the first two to three minutes after the drop, you will be left empty-handed.

You shouldn’t hope for Playstation 5 consoles on the shelves anyway; only a few have found their way into stores since the sales launch. Der Spiegel quotes a GameStop employee with clear words in this regard:

“There is no chance of spontaneously getting hold of a Playstation 5.” That’s been the hard reality for most interested Playstation 5 buyers for almost a year now. However, one should not completely give up hope. With a lot of effort and patience, you can still get your hands on one of the highly coveted consoles.
What are the possibilities to get a PS5?
There is no reliable information on this, no retailer gives concrete details. Therefore, we can only look at the past weeks and months to assess the situation. Is it likely to be possible to get a console? No. Is it impossible? Also no.

GamesWirtschaft has compiled a detailed list of where you can possibly find acceptable chances. An overview of the biggest sellers and how big the chances are there:

Consumer electronics stores

At Media Markt, one has the supposedly greatest chances of success. Among all retailers in German-speaking countries, the electronics giant has been able to receive deliveries and get consoles to fans most reliably.

This also applies to the smaller sister company Saturn. The consoles are primarily sold via the online store at both stores. In rare cases, however, a few dozen consoles can be pre-ordered in selected stores. When and where this is the case is not officially communicated. At most, you can find out about it via messages in the social media or on fan sites.

The situation is even more complicated at other electronics stores like Euronics, Expert, and Medimax: The quotas are small, and drop times are not communicated. In principle, it’s the same as at Media Markt and Saturn, but with much smaller quantities.

Mail order retailer

The situation is exactly the same for online-only retailers. At Amazon, quotas fluctuate greatly, and depending on the month, there are only one or two sales promotions. Another hurdle: Amazon only sells the PS5 to Prime customers.

The picture is exactly the same at Otto: Every few weeks, there is a small contingent of consoles for sale. Here, too, it is not announced when a few devices are in stock again and ready for sale.

Authorized dealers and news ticker

On the PS5 overview page of GamesWirtschaft you can find a detailed list of all authorized retailers (partly with corresponding product links). In addition, there is a news ticker that documents the current information and order situation on a daily basis and reports on possible upcoming drops.

Sony launches its own online store in Germany
Sony is following suit: After Microsoft has already been operating an online store in Germany for some time, Sony is now offering its own products for sale online. There, customers from Germany can purchase the Playstation 5 and the official accessories. However, this does not change the delivery and production difficulties: All PS5 consoles are currently sold out and not available in their own store.

Sony has had its own store in other countries, such as the US, for quite some time. There, Sony uses a slightly different method for distributing PS5 consoles: Interested parties have to “apply” for a copy by entering their Playstation account. A selection is then made based on the collected trophies, which can be earned by simply playing games on the one hand and by certain activities in video games on the other.

This is Sony’s way of ensuring that only Playstation players actually get a console and that resellers don’t pounce on the limited supplies. For this reason, only one console can be purchased per order. The limit of one console per order also applies to the German store.

The emergency solution: Ebay or classifieds
All drops have one thing in common: A not insignificant part of the consoles sold at Media Markt & Co. always end up at horrendous prices at online auction houses. Sellers here hope to be able to sell the console for a few hundred euros above the actual retail price. Unfortunately, this works out reliably well, because nobody likes to wait for months for a longed-for piece of technology.

That’s why this is definitely only an absolute emergency solution: If you absolutely want to have a Playstation 5 right now or give it away for Christmas, you’ll certainly find it on eBay. But then you will have to dig deep into your pocket. Instead of the 500 Euros estimated by Sony, you will quickly have to pay 700 Euros or more.

In addition, it is very important to pay attention to the seller’s reliability: Have they already received several positive reviews? Are they based in Germany? And most importantly, what payment options do they offer? If only prepayment (bank transfer) is offered as payment, it is best to quickly distance yourself from the offer. In all likelihood, this is a case of shipping fraud.

Other electrical appliances also affected
The product shortage is not only prevalent with the Playstation 5. Other video game products are also affected by the impact of the chip crisis. For example, the managing director of the German Games Industry Association, Felix Falk, warned Funke Mediengruppe newspapers back in October:

“We assume that some gaming products will therefore be difficult to obtain in the Christmas business.” So the only way to get one of the highly coveted products in time is to look for it early. “Anyone planning to give gaming hardware for Christmas should definitely get their gifts as early as possible,” Falk said.

PS5 supply problems are known to Sony
Sony is aware of the supply problems and is trying to provide relief with creative solutions. With jumbo jets packed full, Sony tried to fill up the warehouses in the UK at the beginning of November. So far, no comparable action has become known from other countries, perhaps it was a one-time action. However, Sony might also be preparing further measures of this kind in order to be able to give customers in Germany a Playstation 5 Christmas after all.

We will keep you up to date with updates and news, this article will be constantly updated and extended with new information.

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