Home Technology News These cell phone cases for iPhone and Samsung devices are trendy.

These cell phone cases for iPhone and Samsung devices are trendy.

These cell phone cases for iPhone and Samsung devices are trendy.

Cell phone cases are more than just a nice accessory for your smartphone. They protect against dirt and scratches. With a good cover, both should be right: the design and the functionality. Find the right protective covers for your smartphone in our selection.

There are three types of cell phone cases that are used most often. These include cell phone cases made of silicone, plastic or so-called book cases. Protective cases with a strap to hang around your neck and cases with an integrated battery charging function are currently in vogue. Sustainable alternatives are also becoming increasingly popular. We show you our recommendations.

All-round protection: book cases

Flip or book cases are an extension of hard cases. They are stapled onto the backs of smartphones. As additional protection, the book cases still have a protective cover that can be folded over the display. That is why they are also called flip cases.

One advantage of these cases is their functionality: some of the book cases can be converted into smartphone stands. They also offer space for bank cards in the inner pocket. However, the disadvantage is that you cannot directly see incoming notifications through the protective cover. Some providers have already embedded small windows in the lid for this.

Pliable and lightweight: silicone cases
Silicone cell phone covers are very flexible and lighter than plastic covers. The material also gives the cover a non-slip feel and thus fits well in the hand.

Cases made of silicone protect the phone very well due to their elastic property. In case of a fall, these cases are able to cushion the impact well and thus offer optimal protection. For those who do not want to hide their cell phone, transparent cell phone cases are available.

The only drawback is that dirt becomes visible faster on these cases. We have researched some recommendable silicone cases for Apple, Samsung and Huawei for you here

Silicone cases with strap for hanging around
Cell phone cases to hang around are currently in vogue. They are not only stylish, but also extremely practical. These protective cases are especially suitable for on the go. The strap on the case allows you to hang your phone around and keep your hands free for other things.

The selection of cell phone chain models is already very large. There should be a suitable design for every taste. We have collected some stylish models for you.

Stable and individual: plastic cases
Plastic cases are so-called hard cases. The hard case can be plugged onto the cell phone and is therefore not bendable, unlike the silicone case. The smooth surface of the case creates a slightly slippery feel, which can encourage the smartphone to fall down.

However, plastic cases offer the advantage that additional batteries are integrated in some models. These extend the battery life of your smartphone. There are also no limits to the design possibilities with these protective cases. You can choose between different colors and motifs. With many providers, you can also have your phone cases personalized. To avoid damage to the display, it is also recommended to use a bulletproof glass film with the cases.

Plastic cases with integrated battery
Protection and charging function in one – plastic cell phone cases with integrated battery charging function have more to offer. Through the battery, the smartphone can easily charge during use and you save time as well as taking the charger with you.

The advantage: A battery charging case can partially double the battery life.

Alternative for the environment: Sustainable cell phone cases
Cell phone cases are now available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs. As smartphones are replaced by new models at regular intervals, new cases with adapted design and technology are also replacing the old ones.

Sustainable alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. For example, they are made of biodegradable materials such as wood, cork, bamboo or recycled plastic. We have put together a selection for you:

Screen protectors: even more protection for your smartphone.
If you have decided against a book case, there is another alternative how you can protect your display: The screen protector film is stuck directly onto the screen and protects the front of your smartphone from scratches.

You can find bulletproof glass film for Apple devices like the iPhone 11 or the Samsung Galaxy A51 on Amazon. Applying the protective film requires a bit of dexterity. However, the work pays off, because your smartphone is protected all around.

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