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Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser


With Touch Australia, it provides practical cleaning with its contact or touch free hand sanitiser dispenser.

Thanks to disinfectants that provide instant sterilization of our hands, especially in crowded environments, we destroy germs, viruses, and bacteria, and eliminate the spread of germs.

It meets the need for maximum cleaning in areas where it is not possible to use soap and water.

The automatic disinfectant dispenser product is suitable for use at points where many people are together at the same time, such as offices, airports, hospitals, health institutions, restaurants-cafes, gyms, shared toilets, shopping malls, schools, classrooms, gymnasiums, hairdressers, barbers, restaurants.

It is suitable for use in our own personal areas as well as in public areas, and it helps to always keep our health safe.

Providing disinfectant use without contact provides maximum hygiene. Since we know very well that the microbe spreads to our body with hand contact, it offers great and practical solutions against all these.

Touch Australia touch free hand sanitiser dispenser products are offered for sale in economical sizes. With its elegant and stylish design, it can also be installed in small spaces. Since the liquid soap, detergent and disinfectant bottle heads are the same, it also gives the opportunity to change each of them for different uses.

You can purchase trial products by reviewing Touch Australia products on the website. It provides sales for the needs of users with its products and packages with different content depending on the usage situation. You can buy a single product on the website, or you can buy in bulk.

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