Home Technology News What do the colored dots on the iPhone mean?

What do the colored dots on the iPhone mean?

What do the colored dots on the iPhone mean?

In the meantime, the change is already more than a year old: But one small detail still leaves many users puzzled: What does the green or orange dot in the menu bar mean? We clarify.

Apple’s iPhone operating system iOS 14 delivered numerous innovations last year. And while many of them were self-explanatory and obvious, others triggered questioning faces. One from the latter category is a small, colored dot that appears seemingly at random on the upper right area of the iPhone’s display. Sometimes it glows green, sometimes orange, and often not at all. What is it all about?

Don’t worry, it’s not one of those infamous pixel errors that you hear about in connection with screens – the dots are justified and indicate something important to the user: the phone is currently accessing environmental information, i.e. the camera or microphone are currently being used by an application.

Orange stands for the access of an app to the microphone.
The orange dot stands for the use of the iPhone microphone, the green dot indicates that the camera is being used. If the microphone is being accessed at the same time, such as when recording a video, no additional dot is displayed.

In fact, these dots are visible in all applications, including those from Apple. If you open the camera, you will see the small green dot in the upper right. Anyone who starts or answers a call will see the orange one – unless it’s a video call, in which case the dot is green.

Even when Siri is started, you can see from the orange dot that the iPhone is listening in. The dot does not indicate whether the microphone is only “open” or whether it is actually recording and saving. It only indicates that it is at least possible.

Secret access to the microphone or camera is thus visible
When making phone calls or filming videos, the use of the camera and microphone is of course self-explanatory. This new display is important for apps where such a possible intrusion into privacy might not be obvious. Scenarios such as a gaming app accessing the microphone unnoticed and eavesdropping on the user are not possible with this.

The app could only do that if the user had granted access to the microphone at some point – but maybe the app should really be allowed to do that in certain moments, but not in others. With the help of the dots, this can now be seen at a glance.

By the way: To see which app is responsible for the orange or green dot, you simply have to open the control center. On newer iPhones without a home button, you swipe down from the upper right edge of the screen with your finger. On older iPhones, on the other hand, you swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.

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